Unleashing the power of organisations

We believe in sustainable business success that is not at the expense of people, society and the environment

what motivates us

We believe in sustainable business success that is not at the expense of people, society and the environment.


We are convinced that practically every company and organisation makes an important contribution – to a healthy economy, a functioning society and an intact environment. At the same time, however, we observe that almost every organisation leaves incredible potential untapped.

We see it as our task to uncover this potential together with you and to make use of it. Our goal: a sustainably functioning organisation that enables success, motivation and value creation for all stakeholders.

how we work

We work with you at eye level.


As internationally experienced leaders, we are interested in pragmatic and sustainable solutions. To work out such solutions jointly with you, a cooperative partnership is the most important prerequisite. This provides the basis for us to support you in the development of your organisation and your leaders – with our knowledge, skills and in-depth experience.

When working with you, we are guided by the following convictions:



We see organisations as complex, productive and living systems. The interdependencies between people, teams and organisations are not trivial. They can only be predicted to a limited extent. That is why we work on a minimally invasive basis, allowing systems the necessary time to develop. This makes a regular exchange with you all the more important.



We work together with you, co-creating in teams, through step-by-step and iterative work for a constantly incrementally improving result. Immediate feedback, conscious learning and continuous improvement are integrated into our working methods.



We are convinced that the most sustainable results for you and your organisation are achieved when we work together with you on an equal footing, focused on a common goal. On this basis, we are always able to develop new solutions that are tailored precisely to your challenges, your goals and your company.



To achieve sustainable success together, we focus on personal responsibility and self-management. We achieve both by constantly reflecting on our values, attitudes and models of thought and drawing consequences from them; consequences arising from both what we do and how we do it. It is our conviction that this enables us to do business in a healthy way and to work such that it is also satisfactory in the long term. In short: we aim for sustainability on many different levels. The 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations serve as a framework for this. We firmly believe that these are goals worth working for and use them to guide our work.



Part of our repertoire of methods that have been tried and tested in practice

  • Systemic executive coaching
  • Systemic team coaching and team workshops
  • Problem-solving and sustainable leadership development
  • Practice-oriented leadership learning with business management games
  • Management cybernetics
  • St. Gallen understanding of system-oriented management
  • The Leadership Circle® as a universal model for leadership and collaboration
  • greytogreen® as a scalable learning process to increase leadership, team and change skills
  • Other useful models, e.g., MBTI, DISG.

how you benefit

You profit from our support for you and your organisation to make better use of existing potential.


With our systemic, holistic view of your organisation, we help you find areas and topics where you can make improvements. Together, we develop tailor-made interventions with which you can achieve a lasting effect. Existing strengths are fully developed, and new ones emerge.

We are experts in the most important subject areas that contribute to a sustainably successful organisation. As experienced leaders, coaches and consultants, our long-standing know-how in the development of managers and international organisations supports you in your efforts.

Sailing crew on sailboat

You benefit when we interconnect the following topics and get to the heart of the matter for you and your organisation



You want to develop a common “where to” and “what for” within your company? You want to align all existing forces in your organisation towards a common goal?


You want to develop a common “where to” and “what for” within your company? You want to align all existing forces in your organisation towards a common goal, because …

  • You lack a clear orientation towards the purpose of the company and its strategy?
  • Management teams and employees are not pulling together?
  • You lack a clear picture and a common understanding of the future?
  • You and your organisation are constantly caught off guard by the future?
  • You feel trapped in your current business model?
We will support you in…
  1. Developing a meaningful corporate, divisional and transformational sense of purpose and anchoring the understanding of it in the team.
  2. Gaining clarity about the identity and the long-term vision of the company or division.
  3. Strengthening the alignment within the management team and establishing persuasive communication to support it.
  4. Generating a broad commitment to the common cause.
  5. Exploring business models for functionality and meaningfulness and developing them accordingly.
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You want to remove organisational hurdles and develop a lean, agile and decisive organisation?


You want to break down organisational barriers and develop a powerful, agile and decisive organisation, because…

  • Employees no longer understand the structure of the company or how to work together effectively and feel overwhelmed by complexity?
  • Some issues simply cannot be solved or gain traction?
  • Decisions take too long or are put off indefinitely?
  • Your organisation requires increasing amounts of coordination and the question as to who is actually responsible constantly comes up?
  • Innovations take too long to be successful on the market?
We will support you in…
  1. Gaining transparency about strengths and weaknesses of your organisation (functional organisation diagnosis).
  2. Developing and successfully introducing agile forms of organisation.
  3. Increasing the self-organisation and self-leadership skills of your teams.
  4. Optimising management processes and integrating them into a functional system.
  5. Minimising the waste of resources by introducing lean structures and supporting management processes.
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You want to shape change together with your team and turn employees into agents of change instead of victims?

  • You want to shape change together with your team and turn employees into agents of change instead of victims because…
  • As soon as changes occur, you feel a lot of resistance and do not see commitment?
  • You have the feeling that you are the only one driving change?
  • After a merger or reorganisation you want to bring together different working cultures in such a way that a new performance culture is created?
  • Changes within your organisation take too long and do not have a lasting effect?
  • The way you work is no longer future-oriented.
We will support you in…
  1. Identifying the need for transformation and change
  2. Changing processes and structures sustainably – including and especially on the level of thought and behaviour patterns
  3. Developing and implementing comprehensive and goal-oriented change architectures
  4. Promoting commitment and personal responsibility of managers and employees from the very beginning
  5. Strengthening your organisation’s change management capabilities so that it is well equipped for future transformations.
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You want to develop your management team efficiently and turn each individual into a management professional?


You want to develop your management team efficiently and make each individual a management professional, because…

  •  You know that leadership knowledge must be constantly developed?
  • You do not see concrete results from your leadership development?
  • You are convinced that modern organisations cannot be managed with old-fashioned leadership styles?
  • You are sure that good leadership rarely comes about spontaneously, but instead real leadership professionals are needed?
  • There are a multitude of leadership roles in modern organisations that rarely have anything to do with hierarchical leadership?
We will support you in…
  1. Integrating leadership learning as an integral part of everyday business life.
  2. Mastering current challenges in your company as a component of management development.
  3. Living the desired leadership values from the very beginning, for example, through the way you design your leadership learning programme
  4. Increasing the ability of your managers and teams to self-reflect and strengthening their ability to support others (i.e., helping managers to act as coaches)
  5. Creating a concrete and sustainable benefit through the development of your managers – for daily business and all those involved in it.
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You want to increase the performance of your organisation and establish effective performance management through efficient feedback systems?


You want to increase the performance of your organisation and establish effective performance management through efficient feedback systems, because …

  • Your results are deteriorating, or the satisfaction of your customers is not at the desired level?
  • The cost-benefit ratio of your organisation is developing unfavourably?
  • Your employees are somewhat dissatisfied and not as committed as they could be?
  • Your managers do not have a framework for effective performance management and therefore have differing approaches?
  • You would like to experience more commitment in the implementation of your strategy?
We will support you in…
  1. Identifying unused potential within your organisation (a uniform performance management system plays a decisive role in this)
  2. Planning and implementing targeted interventions to (re)exploit this potential
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of both the interventions and the commitment of the employees through a system of closed feedback loops
  4. Developing and implementing goal orientation, feedback and performance improvement systems that are strategically, organisationally and culturally appropriate
  5. Further developing your organisational culture towards a common performance and learning culture.
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    I have been working with step 5 on many different projects and really appreciate their ability to master a wide range of leadership and transformation topics.

    Katja Manuela Egger, Global Learning Partnering Partner (electrical industry)
    Sebastian Schulte-Eickholt

    The high level of personal competence, the empathy for our situation and the always goal-oriented approach were particularly convincing …

    Sebastian Schulte-Eickholt, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Transformation innogy (Energy industry)
    Vincenzo Grande

    Working together has been a profound experience that has changed the way I think, how I work, how I perceive my environment, the way I look at my own actions.

    Vincenzo Grande, Head of Strategic Planning & Business Development Thommen Medical (Medical industry)

    The systematic learning and teaching approach of step 5 creates business-oriented learning experiences beyond standard leadership courses in a business-distant training laboratory.

    Michael Zaugg Senior Vice President Human Resources YPSOMED AG (medical industry)

    In addition to a common understanding of leadership in the organization, the managers were able to develop solutions for their current challenges and lead their employees more effectively.

    Swen Koch, Personalleiter Possehl Electronics (manufacturing industry)

    Their input has been tremendously helpful to support us focus on the right things, measure our progress and grow along the way.

    Fabian Birzele, Head of Bioinformatics & Biostatistics (Pharmaceutical industry)

    They convinced us not only with a structured methodical approach, but also with their social competence and great personal commitment. You made a significant contribution to the success of this complex merger project.

    Stefan Helsing Chief Operating Officer Coltene (Medical industry)
    Thorsten Schroeter

    Each time, the reflection, the application of models and finally asking the right questions in an uncomplicated and people-centered approach helped us a lot. Thank you very much for your continued valuable support!

    Thorsten Schroeter, ABB Switzerland (Industrial sector)